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Setup & Documentation


Not sure how to install your new template. Read more to find out how.

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Logo Setup

Changing the logo for this template is a snap, and you have a few different options to choose from to do it.

Read more: Logo Setup

Shackslides Installation

ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style, and with ease.  N6 contains styles to allow the Shackslides to be presented as seen on the home page of this demo, without needing to do anything but install and set it up!

Read on to see how to install the Shackslides module.

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Basic Options

This template comes with few Basic Options to help you further customize your Joomla website. Choose from how you want to display your logo to what type of fonts you want on the website.

To change the template basic options you simply need to follow the steps below.

Read more: Basic Options

Menu Setup

Setting up the menu for your Joomla site is one of the first things you'll want to do. Follow along with the documentation and you'll learn how to set up the main menu for your Joomla website.

This step by step is for setting up a default Joomla menu and not Shackmenu.

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A major part of any template is readable typography and even white space. Elated ships with elegant typography and bonus styles built right in to the template.

Read on to view what typography styles are provided in this template.

Read more: Typography

Template Style

N6 comes with 12 color options to choose from to give your template it's own style and unique look.  Use one color, or use different colors on various pages of your site for some variety (as seen in this demo).

Read on to view how to define your default color preference, as well as how to assign different colors to different areas of your site.

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Single Scrolling Page

Creating a Single Scrolling Page in N6 is really easy.  This cool configuration is achieved by creating a menu (in Menu Manager) with the "Category Blog" type.  The template will work it's magic and create the navigation for you.

Read on to find out how you can set up this magic, and how to configure your options.

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Knowing the available module positions and styles provided by your template is key to knowing how to use the template for your site's content.

Read on to view the module map for this template, and content published in every module position, to see the options provided.

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Image Filter

The template comes with an automatic functionality for standardizing the look of the images on it, according to the color of the template selected.

Read on to view examples and see how to apply this filter.

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